Mr. Bobby A. Syed has more than 30 years’ experience, in the Media Industry, from Saatchi & Saatchi to forming EMMA in 1997. As a pioneer and innovator, displayed progressive leadership skills, through many communication strategies, and creating the EMMA TV show on BBC & ITV that helped brand Britain as this truly multicultural society. That went on to win the London Olympic bid, through ‘Multicultural’ branding, for their global audience. He helped to define the creative industry, with the first ever creative industry awards ceremony, in 1998. This unique CSR campaigns, helped to highlight the need for inclusion, which creates better business; for this industry sector that fed off previous Middle England identity whereby excluding many Minorities from a Metropolitan to Cosmopolitan lifestyle, who defined modern Britain, as Multicultural due to their 300 years of history.

In 2000, Nelson Mandela had flown over especially, after his retirement as the South African President to receive his “EMMA Lifetime Achievement Award”. This stands, as his first award, since retiring. He had referred to Mr Syed, at this private ceremony, at the South African High Commission, as ‘Mr Multicultural’ for his outstanding initiatives. Mr. Mandela has been proven right as shown by Mr Syed’s distinguished career, that focused on promoting Multiculturalism, away from the previous ghettoised image; that many Ethnic Minorities were subjected to, in a society which was class ridden from 1950s to possibly the 1990s.

Mr Syed was the first to honour Doreen Lawrence for her continual struggle over Steven Lawrence racist death; she was one of the EMMA Awards recipients in 1999, prior to her becoming a Baroness in 2013. This had helped everyone to acknowledge, the realities behind Institutional Racism. This has now led to The Prime Minister, Theresa May, in 2018 announcing an annual “Steven Lawrence Day” to form a commemoration that highlighted their undeniable need for appreciating Diversity within their Multicultural society, which Mr Syed had tirelessly campaigned for since starting EMMA in 1997, which was a self-funded endeavour. His own legacy succeeded in creating a Multicultural England cricket by giving an EMMA Award to Nasser Hussain in 2002 to them now winning the 2019 word cup.

As the EMMA founder, he formulated strategy, PR campaigns, Marketing campaigns, Advertising campaigns, Lobbying campaign, Event organising, Media Relation, Fundraising, TV Production, Film Producer, Branding, Web Development, Social Media, Exhibition and Conference Planning and Consultancy in the Cross-Cultural business sector – for his Governmental and Corporate clients. His work not only includes Environment, Sustainable and Good Governance (ESG) but also he is a trained journalist, who foresaw that 1 in 6 jobs in the UK (2017) will be based in the Creative Industry sector that has led to £8.5 million generated each hour, employing 2 million people – ultimately creativity defines one’s cultural identity.