Mr Multicultural helps us to understand the term ‘Multicultural’ better through Deeds of others in a rich society full of Diversity. The Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘Multicultural’ as meaning “including people who have many different customs and beliefs – Britain is increasingly a Multicultural Society”.  This was no coincidence, as Mr Multicultural i.e. Bobby A Syed founded the EMMA Awards in 1997, to create this Multicultural society within Britain. As a person who grew up in Britain/London from the 1960’s, racism was a common reality for all Minorities, not just the poor as shown today, the environment Minorities had grown up in was defined as inner-city ‘Ghetto’s’ leading to riots due to the discrimination imposed on an impoverished community from the Commonwealth. The irony here was that this labour had migrated, to help rebuild this country, after the devastation of the Second World War; who just wanted some Equality  as an Ethnic Minority. Sadly the Colonial cultural narrative had still persisted that led to discrimination.

Mr Bobby A Syed, had undertaken to change this old colonial narrative, by firstly undertaking Bsc Hons, Social Science (University of South Bank), followed by BA Hons in Peace and Conflict Studies (University of Bradford) with a Masters in Politics from University of London at The School of African and Oriental Studies. After setting up the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS in 1991, he went on to join Saatchi & Saatchi, were he worked with Corporate and Governmental clients. The desire to help a British economy stumbling from one recession to another, had meant that better communication was now needed to tap the Ethnic Minority market alongside countries free from Soviet rule after their collapse in the 1990’s. Then leaving Saatchi, to set up a PR & Marketing Agency to help tap the foreign markets for UK plc, which led to setting up EMMA in 1997. This was to ensure that racism was tackled at its core so that a true “Meritocracy” could flourish, and the EMMA Show would display the best of excellence in a drive to encourage the next generation, to tackle this racist culture by undermining a colonial narrative.
The EMMA Show, not only attracted a high viewership compared to the time it was broadcast, but had over 50 Ambassadors, Celebrities, Corporates, Politicians and Community Leaders attend these shows at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London. The images and messages sent out, throughout world, was one of a celebration towards excellence within Music, Film, TV, Literature, Sports, Public life etc. as the first ever Creative Industry Awards ceremony in the world promoting Multicultural values. This helped to define a Creative Industry, as undertaken by the UK Government White Paper, that is now an established term. It  was EMMA that led to London winning the Olympic Games bid in 2005, as this show then defined UK, as a Multicultural destination through our London base work over several years. This was acknowledged by The Rt. Hon William Hague MP (Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs) in 2012 at a reception to celebrate the ‘London 2012 Multicultural Olympic Games’ symbolising EMMAs hard work.